Mayor Pro Tem Tom Haughey

Mayor Pro Tem Tom HaugheyMayor Pro Tem Tom Haughey serves as the City's representative on the Chino Desalter Authority, Chino Valley Independent Fire District Board, and alternate on the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA). He is active on the Solid Waste Advisory Task Force and is the Vice Chairperson of the Public Financing Authority. Additionally, he serves as a representative on the Water Facilities Authority Board of Directors and Technical Advisory Committee.

Mayor Pro Tem Haughey is also a member of the Streets Committee and the Economic Development Subcommittee. Additionally, he is the Vice Chair of the Chino Valley YMCA and a Charter Member and Past President of the Rancho del Chino Rotary Club.

Mayor Pro Tem Haughey was elected to the City Council in 2001 and is currently serving his fifth term. Before joining the Council, Mayor Pro Tem Haughey served briefly on the Planning Commission in 2001.

Mayor Pro Tem Haughey represents District 4.

Term of Office