Traffic Services Unit

Motorcycle Officer

The Traffic Unit is responsible for traffic safety throughout the city and the investigation of significant or fatal traffic collisions. This is accomplished through public education, enforcement, and engineering. The Traffic Unit reviews, approves and processes all traffic collision reports, along with investigating all hit and run collisions and DUI investigations.

In 2017 the Traffic Unit developed the #thinkanddrive social media campaign to raise awareness on the dangers of unsafe driving. This includes, but is not limited to impaired driving (drugs and alcohol), distracted driving, reckless driving, street racing, motorcycle safety, and seatbelt use. Help support the campaign by using the #thinkanddrive slogan, sharing our posts, and driving safely!

Street Sweeping

Chino Municipal Code 10.28.065: No parking on specified streets during specified days and hours.

Notice to College Park and Preserve residents regarding street sweeping enforcement.


Speed Limits

Speed Limit Traffic Survey Results:
On Tuesday, June 19, the Chino City Council adopted a comprehensive speed zone resolution which will change or implement speed limits throughout the city. These changes were the result of an Engineering and Traffic Survey, conducted by the Public Works and Police Department. After evaluating the results, 54 street segments will be affected, with 21 of those street segments increasing, 9 decreasing and the remaining segments being newly created speed limits.

City staff is working diligently to replace and install the necessary speed limits signs throughout the City. We ask that all motorists drive safely and pay attention to all signs on the roadways, with special attention to the changed speed limits. Any changed or newly installed speed limit signs will be temporarily flagged to bring additional attention to them.

Click here to view the speed limit map.

Traffic Enforcement Requests and Complaints

For traffic enforcement requests and complaints such as parking violations, abandoned vehicles, and speeding complaints please email or call 909.334.3231.

Vehicle Inspections

To request a vehicle inspection for business licensing requirements email or call 909.334.3231.

Partnerships and Campaigns

The Traffic Unit partners will various organizations to provide proactive education and enforcement efforts in the form of safety classes and activities as well as various grant campaigns.

Classes and activities include the AAA Teen Driver - Dare to Prepare class, high school presentations, and bicycle safety presentations and events. 

The Traffic Unit partners with the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) and receives grant funding to support the Click It Or Ticket and Distracted Driver campaigns as well as DUI/driver license checkpoints and collision reduction enforcement. 

Checkpoint announcements are posted on the Chino PD Facebook page as well as in the City news releases

Traffic Unit Contacts

General Traffic Unit Questions:
Call 909.334.3231  or email

Traffic Unit Supervisor:
Sergeant Olden - call 909.334.3055 or email